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    11 Easy Office Sanitisation Hacks from Pantry Worker

    11 Easy Office Sanitisation Hacks from Pantry Worker

    As many people are continuing to work from home during these unprecedented times, it’s important to practice good office hygiene. This has become an added challenge for those that have been accustomed to a more communal workspace and shared resources. Don’t worry – as a pantry worker of over six years, I’m here with 11 easy office sanitisation tips that can help make sure your desk is clean and germ free! From natural disinfectants made using common household items, to simple tips on how frequently you should deep-clean your space- These hacks will provide you with the knowledge necessary for any ‘working from home’ scenario.

    Clean up the office area frequently and keep it free of clutter

    A clean and tidy office area can do wonders for productivity and overall wellbeing. It’s essential to keep the workplace free of any excessive clutter and mess, as it can be extremely distracting and tiring for employees. By frequently cleaning up the office area, you’ll not only free up space, but you’ll also promote a more focused and organized work environment. It’s important to remember that a clean office is a reflection of the company’s values and can impact everything from employee morale to the perception of clients, so it’s worth taking the time and effort to ensure it’s always kept in top condition.

    Invest in a good air purifier to remove germs from the office

    Ensuring a clean and safe workplace is essential for the health and wellbeing of employees. With many common areas in the office, such as meeting rooms and break areas, germs can spread quickly and easily. Investing in a good air purifier can be a simple solution to remove harmful particles from the air. Not only does it help to prevent the spread of germs, but it also improves overall indoor air quality, creating a more pleasant and comfortable work environment. By providing employees with a cleaner and healthier place to work, productivity and morale can be boosted, making it a worthwhile investment for any business owner.

    Place hand sanitizers at various locations around the office for easy access

    In today’s world, staying healthy is of the utmost importance. With germs and illnesses constantly swirling around, it’s crucial to take preventative measures as much as possible. That’s why placing hand sanitizers at various locations around the office is such a great idea. This not only makes it easy for employees to access, but it also promotes cleanliness throughout the workplace. Whether it’s in the break room, near the employee entrance, or in the restroom, having hand sanitizer readily available can make a big difference in keeping everyone healthy and safe. So let’s all do our part and make sure to use those hand sanitizers!

    Disinfect all common areas and surfaces frequently, including door knobs, phones, keyboards etc.

    Keeping our surroundings clean and free from germs has always been important for our well-being, but it has become even more crucial during these times. Disinfecting common areas and surfaces frequently can prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Everyday items like door knobs, phones, and keyboards are often overlooked, but they are high-touch surfaces that can harbor germs. By taking the time to regularly wipe down these items with disinfectant, we can create a safer and healthier environment for ourselves and those around us. Let’s do our part in stopping the spread of illnesses by keeping our surroundings clean and disinfected.

    Use paper towels when possible instead of cloth towels to prevent cross contamination

    We all want to maintain a clean and hygienic home, but are we unknowingly spreading germs through our cleaning practices? Cloth towels might seem like a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option, but they can actually contribute to cross-contamination. Think about it – you wipe down your kitchen counter with a cloth towel that has been used to clean up spills and messes around the house. The bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on the towel can easily transfer to the counter, putting you and your family at risk. Using disposable paper towels might not seem like the most sustainable option, but it can help prevent the spread of harmful germs and keep your home clean and healthy.

    Utilise natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar and baking soda as they are safer to use than harsh chemicals

    When it comes to cleaning our homes, many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the risks that harsh chemical cleaners can pose to our health and the environment. That’s why it’s worth considering natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, which can be just as effective at getting rid of dirt and grime, but without any of the harmful side effects. In fact, vinegar has been used for centuries as a powerful disinfectant, while baking soda works wonders as a gentle abrasive. Plus, using natural ingredients is often more cost-effective, meaning you can keep your house sparkling clean without breaking the bank. So why not give it a try and see the difference for yourself?

    Set a policy that encourages everyone in the office to wash their hands often or wear gloves when handling food products

    Maintaining a clean and healthy workplace is of utmost importance for any organization. A policy that encourages everyone in the office to wash their hands often or wear gloves when handling food products is not just a good practice, it is essential for reducing the spread of germs and illnesses. By regularly washing hands or wearing gloves, employees can minimize the risk of contamination and ensure a safer environment for everyone. Additionally, following this policy is a simple and easy way to show respect and consideration for colleagues, clients, and guests. So, let’s make regular hand washing and glove wearing a habit and contribute to a healthier and happier workplace.

    Encourage hygiene protocols like sneezing into your elbow or using tissues when coughing

    The practice of good hygiene is more important now than ever before. While washing your hands frequently is a critical step in protecting yourself and others from germs, it’s also essential to follow proper sneezing and coughing protocols. Instead of covering your mouth with your hands, which can spread germs to surfaces and people you come into contact with, consider using tissues or sneezing into your elbow. This helps to limit the spread of respiratory droplets, which is especially crucial during cold and flu season. By taking these simple steps to promote good hygiene, you can help to reduce the risk of illness for yourself and those around you as a pantry worker.

    Ask visitors to the office to be mindful of their own hygiene habits and ensure all visitors use hand sanitiser on arrival in the office

    In today’s world, hygiene is of utmost importance, especially in shared spaces like offices. As visitors come and go, they can unknowingly bring in harmful germs, putting everyone’s health at risk. That’s why we kindly ask all visitors to be mindful of their own hygiene habits and use hand sanitiser on arrival in our office. We provide hand sanitiser stations throughout the building, making it easy for visitors to keep their hands clean and stop the spread of germs. By working together to promote good hygiene practices, we can all do our part in keeping the workplace a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Discourage cross-contamination between desks by using separate containers for trash cans and recycling bins

    Creating a clean and healthy workspace is essential for any workplace, but it’s even more crucial in today’s world. One way to ensure a hygienic environment is to discourage cross-contamination between desks. By providing separate containers for trash cans and recycling bins, employees can dispose of their waste without worrying about contamination. This not only promotes cleanliness but also encourages an eco-friendly workplace. So, let’s make a conscious effort to keep our workspaces clean and safe while also contributing towards a better environment.

    Regularly remind staff about proper sanitation protocols and how important it is for everyone’s health

    Keeping ourselves healthy is a top priority, especially during these times. As responsible members of society, it is our duty to practice proper sanitation protocols, not only for ourselves but for our co-workers and the people around us. By regularly reminding our staff to follow these protocols, we ensure that we prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria that can cause illnesses. We must never underestimate the importance of sanitation, and we should always be vigilant in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment. Our efforts in adhering to these guidelines will not only benefit us but everyone around us.

    It’s essential for businesses to have proper protocols in place to keep their employees safe from potential threats such as illnesses and diseases, and implementing the above strategies is one of the most efficient ways to do so. Having a clean and hygienic office space, as well as putting safety measures in place can help prevent the spread of infections and create a safe, healthy working environment. So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these simple tactics today to ensure your business runs efficiently! Remember: when it comes to protecting staff from illness or infection, prevention is always better than cure.

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